Kane Minion Obituary, Energex metre reader Kane Minion was killed – Death

Kane Minion Obituary, Energex metre reader Kane Minion was killed - Death

Kane Minion Death, Obituary – Energex metre reader Kane Minion, 42 years old, has been identified as the victim of a vicious dog attack that resulted in his death. Minion was mauled to death.
Just after 10:45 a.m. on Saturday, emergency personnel were dispatched to a residence located on Ison Road in Greenbank, Queensland. Upon arrival, they discovered Mr. Minion unconscious and suffering from critical injuries in the front yard of the property. Police discovered Mr. Minion in a critical state. Mr. Minion had been employed by Downer’s Skilltech for the previous seven years and was currently working as a contractor for Energex at the time of his discovery.

In spite of the efforts of the emergency medical personnel, he passed away at the site as a result of the injuries he sustained. The humans who owned the canines were not at their residence at the time of the incident. At the location, the police discovered three canines, two of which were subsequently taken away by the town government. The address was marked with a sign that read “Warning – Guard dogs on duty.” Meter readers had been to the property on numerous occasions in the past, during which time the dogs were typically contained behind the second fence.
According to a report that appeared in the Courier-Mail on Sunday morning, animal control officers from the Logan City Council had taken custody of a Bandog Bullmastiff and a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross.

During the time that cops are conducting an investigation into the event, the canines will be held in a pound run by the council. The man was reportedly from the nearby area of Marsden, said police Acting Inspector Gary Worrell, who spoke to media at the scene. Acting Inspector Worrell remarked that “It’s also a tough moment for the owners of the residence, who are connected to their pets.” “It’s also a difficult time for everyone involved.” Worksafe has been informed, and the police will compile a report for the coroner in the coming hours. A spokeswoman for the Downer Group acknowledged that Mr. Minion was employed by the Skilltech branch of the corporation.

They stated that “details of the incident are still being studied,” and that an inquiry by the police was already under way. “This devastating loss has left Downer in a state of deep sadness. Kane had more than seven years of experience working for Downer’s Skilltech’s metering division and was a well-liked part of the team, according to what they stated. “On behalf of everyone here at Downer, please accept our sincerest condolences and know that we will be here for you and your family during this extremely trying time.” According to the police, a notification was made to Work Safe Australia because the man was working in the Greenbank area at the time of the incident.

On Sunday, the Queensland Police stated that their investigations were still ongoing, and that they were currently preparing a report for the coroner. The members of the Logan City Council could not be reached for comment. There are fewer than 10,000 people living in the rural suburb of Greenbank, which is located about 40 kilometres south of Brisbane. Multiple residential properties spread out over expansive tracts of land can be found along Ison Road.

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