Judy Ward Obituary, Resident Of Valley Center, has died – Death

Judy Ward Obituary, Resident Of Valley Center, has died - Death

Judy Ward Obituary, Death – Judy E. Ward, 63 years old, a resident of Valley Center, was identified as the victim of the incident that took place on Tuesday morning at the intersection of 85th Street North and Hydraulic. The occurrence happened close to the crossroads of Hydraulic and 85th Street North. A vehicle that was driving through the intersection created by 85th Street North and Hydraulic was the cause of the collision that occurred there.

According to the report that the police submitted, it was discovered that Ward had passed away at the spot where she was located. Wichita police have stated that a man who was driving southbound on Hydraulic in a flatbed truck at the time of the incident did not yield the right of way at the stop sign located at the intersection with 85th Street. Hydraulic was being driven in a southerly direction by the driver, who gave his age as 34. It wasn’t until a few minutes before 9:30 in the morning that people started reporting hearing about the crash.

When the passenger car, which was being driven by Ward and was driving west on 85th, collided with the truck, Ward was the one behind the wheel of the passenger car. According to the police, Lewis D. Toombs, the driver of the truck, was taken to a hospital in Wichita with injuries that are not fully understood at this time. The police report that Mr. Toombs was taken there by ambulance. The Park City Police Department has reported that the Kansas Highway Patrol is aiding them with the investigation into the collision that took place earlier today.

As a result of an accident that took place in Park City, one person has departed this life and is no longer with us. If my recollection serves me well, it took place on Tuesday morning sometime about 9:15. According to clear statements made by Chief Phil Bostian of the Park City Police Department, the death of a person occurred as a direct result of a collision with another car. He stated that the vehicle that was heading west on 85th Street North had its route blocked because of a lumber truck that was traveling south on Hydraulic Avenue.

It was discovered that the driver of the vehicle had passed away at the scene of the accident after being involved in the collision. The truck driver was injured in the accident and taken to the hospital for treatment; however, the doctors determined that the driver’s injuries were not life-threatening and discharged him from the hospital. Before they reveal the identity of the person who was killed, the police want to make sure that they have communicated with the victim’s next of kin to ensure that they have their permission to do so.

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