Juan Rodriguez Obituary, Officials said the driver was a Sacramento cop – Death

Juan Rodriguez Obituary, Officials said the driver was a Sacramento cop - Death

Juan Rodriguez and Lionel Rodriguez Death, Obituary – On Tuesday morning, a vehicle driven by a detective with the Sacramento Police Department was reportedly involved in a fatal collision on Interstate 5. According to the authorities, the detective was behind the wheel of the vehicle. It was in the morning when the collision took place. On the roadway at the time of the crash, everyone was going their separate ways. A collision occurred on the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 in Sacramento, close to Sutterville Road, at approximately six o’clock in the morning. The area is located in the general neighborhood of Sutterville Road.

HP claims that the detective was working at the time of the event when he hit the two other people for a “unknown cause.” This information comes from HP. When the incident occurred, he was operating an unregistered Ford Fusion at the time of the pursuit. The authorities claim that another vehicle had stopped on the shoulder of the road to offer assistance to the driver of a pickup truck that had also stopped on the shoulder of the road and may have run out of gas. The driver of the pickup truck had also stopped on the shoulder of the road. The man operating the pickup truck had stopped on the shoulder of the highway and gotten out to inspect the damage. The authorities say that two people who were working on putting gas into the vehicle were hit by another vehicle when it crossed the solid white line and hit them both. The accident occurred when the other vehicle hit them both.

The collision took place as a result of the other vehicle colliding with both of them. The automobile was being fueled up by these individuals, and they were providing assistance in the process. It came as a shock to everyone when it was realized that one of them had passed away at the location where they were. The information that was provided by the California Highway Patrol indicates that the second victim passed away while they were being cared for by medical professionals. The office of the Sacramento County Coroner was able to positively identify both Juan Carlos Enriquez Rodriguez, 33, of Sacramento and Lionel Enriquez Rodriguez, 32, of Simi Valley, and was also able to determine their locations. Juan Carlos Enriquez Rodriguez is from Sacramento, and Lionel Enriquez Rodriguez is from Simi Valley. Both of the men were related to each other.

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