Jose Arevalo Obituary, Grandfather found dead in North Riverside – Death

Jose Arevalo Obituary, Grandfather found dead in North Riverside - Death

Jose Arevalo Death, Obituary – The body of a Berwyn man who had been reported missing on Monday was found on Tuesday. This man was the grandfather of 11 grandkids and the great-grandfather of four people. Around 11 in the morning, the body of 83-year-old Jose Arevalo was discovered in North Riverside close to the intersection of Cermak and Harlem. His body was reportedly found in an overflow parking lot of a car dealership in Berwyn, which is according to the police there. Arevalo’s body was found, according to the report that was filed by the police, when investigators were conducting an investigation into another event.

Although the cause of death has not been established, the police have claimed that it appears there was no foul play involved in the death. This is despite the fact that the cause of death has not been established. On Monday, Arevalo’s family members conveyed their distress by sending a telegram in which they pleaded for assistance in locating him. Arevalo’s daughter, Esnelia Vargas, stated that her father needed to return home because “he’s been gone for too long, he needs his medication, he’s probably disoriented, and cold.” Esnelia is Arevalo’s daughter. Arevalo’s children claim that their father left the family’s two-flat in Berwyn at approximately 1:30 p.m. on the preceding Thursday and that he has not been seen or heard from since that time.

After a brief image of him crossing the street was taken by a Ring camera a block away, the trail went cold after that, but after that, there was no additional information that was provided. Arevalo’s family claims that he suffered from dementia, which had been progressively worse over the course of the preceding year and was likely going even worse because he wasn’t taking his medication as prescribed. His family circulated almost two thousand fliers with his picture and information on them, which were distributed all around the community. People who were related to him as well as others who had never met him before were looking into the history of large portions of the city where he had resided in the past.

These neighborhoods consisted of places like Little Village and Brighton Park, in addition to the region along Cermak Road. “We have acknowledged the statements made by others who have gotten in touch with us to tell us things like, “oh, we could have seen him, we’ve gone out and searched.” Unfortunately, all of them have been — it hasn’t been him — but everyone is watching out for him, everyone is being cautious, and everyone is looking for him “remarked Jose’s other daughter, who is also named Alejandra and goes by the name Alejandra Arevalo.
Bloodhound teams were also utilized by the Berwyn police department in an attempt to follow Arevalo’s scent; however, they were only successful for a few blocks at a time in their search.

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