John Shemo Obituary, Musical Ensemble, John Shemo has died – Death

John Shemo Obituary, Musical Ensemble, John Shemo has died - Death

John Shemo Obituary, Death – John Shemo has sadly passed away. We would like to express our gratitude to John Shemo for the tremendous delight that his music, generous nature, and constant smile have brought to our family. First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to you for loving my sister Tracey in such a way. You are missed beyond all comprehension, and we will be eternally grateful that you were a part of our family. Until we get together again soon. Because so many people have gotten in touch with me, knowing that John and I have spent a lot of time at the big G… I am grateful.

I am stricken with grief over the passing of John Shemo, who was a friend, coworker, and mentor in addition to being an all-around beautiful, wonderful, kind, and kind person. John’s grin, his talent, his kind and dynamic personality, and the nature of those who came in contact with him undoubtedly left an impression on those people. It would be an understatement to say that he was a significant force for change at Geisinger, in his community, and in our neighborhood’s music scene.

When John of GHP cut his hair back in the early days of the band, it was the equivalent of Metallica chopping off their locks. Our offices were filled with music, and the infectious enthusiasm he exuded was evident. ALWAYS When it came to providing support for the community, I could always count on John. He assisted with dragon boat races, and he provided musical support for me throughout my personal campaign. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people in his life who loved him the most.

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