John Hermann Obituary, A well-known veterinarian in Metro Detroit – Death

John Hermann Obituary, A well-known veterinarian in Metro Detroit - Death

John Hermann Obituary, Death –  A tragic car accident that took place on Sunday in Van Buren Township claimed the life of a well-known veterinarian in the Metro Detroit area named Dr. John Hermann. The accident took place on Sunday. The head-on collision occurred in the township of Van Buren. At approximately 1:40 p.m., while Hermann was driving south on Rawsonville close to the Huron River, the Van Buren Police Department reports that he crossed the centerline and collided head-on with another vehicle. The incident occurred in the area of Rawsonville. Hermann was traveling in the area around the Huron River when the incident took place. It is unclear why he behaved in such a manner that cannot be tolerated by others. It is unacceptable for him to behave in this manner.
Hermann, who was 53 years old and from Inkster, was found to have passed away, and a man in his 35th year from Sumpter Township was found with minor injuries. Both men were from Inkster. Both of the men were located in the same general area. A second individual, a male from Ypsilanti who was 47 years old at the time of the collision and took part in it, was also involved. He displayed zero signs of any kind of injury whatsoever. Please call the following number 734-699-8930 if you are a witness so that you can speak with Sergeant Jeff Stanton:

Hermann operated a mobile veterinary clinic that provided service to patients in the southeast Michigan region. Patients included both dogs and cats. He was well-known for the wellness vaccine clinics that he offered for pets at prices that were affordable to their owners. His medical practices were located in a variety of locations. His office, Mobile Vet Clinic with Dr. John Hermann, has asked their clients for patience in the interim while they figure out what the future has in store for them.

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