Jim Paterson Obituary, Learn More About Jim Paterson Death

Jim Paterson Obituary, Learn More About Jim Paterson Death

Jim Paterson Death, Obituary – The city of Glasgow, which is situated in Scotland, was the setting for the event that took place on the 27th day of September in 1932. “Jim” On December 4, 2011, he died away in a peaceful and quiet manner, surrounded by his family. His passing occurred in 2011. The circumstances surrounding his death were quite private. 2011 is the year that we remember him having passed away. a devoted husband to his wife Janet and a cherished father of Jim and Gordon, both of whom are married to Ginny and Janice He is the doting grandfather of five grandchildren:

Bryan, Derek, James, and Andrew, who is married to Kristin; Amanda, who is married to Mark; and James. In addition, he takes tremendous pleasure in his role as the great-grandfather of Camryn and Raina. Both Andrew and Amanda are married to their respective partners, Kristin to Andrew and Mark to Amanda. All three of Bryan, Derek, and James have tied the knot. Both Andrew and Amanda have tied the knot with the women who brought them together; in Andrew’s case, it was Kristin, and in Amanda’s, it was Mark.

Your heartfelt emotions toward Derek and Brian Smith will remain a part of you for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live. Jim retired from General Motors in 1995 after having spent his entire working life employed by the company. He had worked there from the beginning of his career until the end. I would like to take this opportunity to express not only to nurse Irene Fisher but also to the rest of the staff at the C.C.A.C. my most sincere gratitude for everything they have done for me.
The time has arrived to figure out whether or not the cremation procedure is finished with all of its steps.

The family has deliberated on the matter, and they have come to the conclusion that Tuesday will be the ideal day for them to host their guests.

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