Jed Jurchenko Obituary Alexandria MN, has died – Death

Jed Jurchenko Obituary Alexandria MN, has died - Death

Jed Jurchenko Obituary, Death – On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at the residence that he was residing in in Alexandria, Minnesota, Jed J. Jurchenko, age 44, passed away unexpectedly due to natural causes. Jed Jon Jurchenko was born in San Diego, California, on July 30, 1978. His parents, Steven and Carol (Krause) Jurchenko, were his parents. He spent his childhood in Lemon Grove, California, and received his education at home.

Jed received a Master of Divinity degree from Southern California Seminary, which he obtained after completing his studies there. After finishing his study, Jed went on to become a lecturer at Southern California Seminary. In addition, he worked as a youth pastor at this time. In the state of California, he wed Tanya Kelly, and as a result of their union, two beautiful girls, Mackenzie and Brooklyn, were brought into the world. Jed decided to finish his education at Southern California Seminary, where he had previously earned a degree in marriage and family therapy.

After that, he found employment with Fred Finch as a Therapeutic Foster Care Counselor. On December 29, 2012, he wed Jennifer Mork in Osakis, Minnesota, and the two became one flesh in the process. After getting married, the couple settled down in San Marcos, California, and welcomed two daughters, Addison and Emmalynn, into the world as a result of their union. In July of 2017, the couple uprooted their lives and moved to Alexandria, where he continued his career as a marriage and family therapist with Lutheran Social Services and Lakeland Health.

In the year 2020, Jed and Jen established a blog and website under the name ITHRIVE3:20. They also co-authored a number of publications that provide assistance to blended families, children, and couples. Jed was involved in a number of men’s Bible study groups in addition to being a member of the Alexandria Covenant Church. He ran frequently and competed in races of various distances, including marathons and triathlons. Paddle boarding, mountain biking, and hiking were some of his favorite things to do when he was in California. He looked forward to spending time with his wife and children, and one of his favorite activities was participating in weekly game night with his daughters.

His parents and grandparents passed away before he was born. Jed is survived by his devoted wife, Jen; his cherished daughters Mackenzie, Brooklyn, Addison, and Emmalynn Jurchenko, all of whom are at home; his parents, Steven and Carol Jurchenko of Lemon Grove, California; his brother, Jimmy Jurchenko of Yosemite Park, California; his sister, Joy (fiancé, Bloom) Jurchenko of India; and his parents-in-law, David and Jane Mork of Osakis. Also

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