Jayden Jones Obituary, 16 Year-Old Teenager shot to death- Death

Jayden Jones Obituary, 16 Year-Old Teenager shot to death- Death

Jayden Jones Death, Obituary – The name of the young adult who was shot and killed on Monday evening at the Pines at Glen Laurel apartment complex on NC Highway 42 East at Glen Laurel Road has been made public by the police. The incident took place at the complex, which is located at the intersection of Glen Laurel Road and NC Highway 42 East. After receiving a report that shots had been fired in the parking lot of the clubhouse about 8:22 p.m., the Clayton Police Department was sent to Pine Hall Drive in response to a call that was made stating that the incident had occurred there.

The officers who were dispatched to the incident noticed a white automobile going along Highway 42 at an exceedingly high pace while they were on their way there. In an effort to catch up to the vehicle, which appeared to be a Mitsubishi Lancer, the officer performed a U-turn and began running in reverse gear. The vehicle was observed turning onto Highway 70 by other Clayton cops who were at the scene of a structure fire on Highway 70 Business. Highway 70 was the location of the structural fire that occurred. Officers initiated a pursuit and made a number of efforts to bring the car to a halt as it raced at speeds in excess of one hundred miles per hour on Highway 70 and Main Street.

Near the boundary between Wake and Clayton counties, on Old US 70/Garner Road, the officers assigned to the Clayton Police Department were unsuccessful in their search for the vehicle. Jayden Shamar Jones, who was 16 years old and from Clayton, was found dead and his body was discovered by law enforcement officers from Clayton. Jones was found in the parking lot, the same location where he had been discovered dead from several gunshot wounds earlier. The interviews that the police have performed and the evidence that they have acquired at the location of the crime have led them to the conclusion that the victim was involved in a fight with two other persons who were in the neighborhood at the time of the incident.

Both of the perpetrators fired multiple bullets in the direction of the victim before fleeing in the white automobile. The victim was the target of all of the rounds. The testimonies made by witnesses and the evidence that was acquired at the scene of the incident have led the police to the conclusion that this does not appear to be an act of random violence. This conclusion was reached by the police. The Clayton Police Department is continuing to undertake assessments of the crime scene, interrogate potential eyewitnesses, and search for the car that was seen exiting the apartment complex. If you have any information that may be relevant to this investigation, you are asked to contact the Clayton Police Department at the following number: 919-553-4611.

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