Janae Boyd Obituary, Learn More About Janae Boyd Death

Janae Boyd Obituary, Learn More About Janae Boyd Death

Janae Boyd Obituary, Death – The members of Iota Chi Omega are in a state of profound sadness as a direct result of the untimely passing of our treasured Chapter President, Janae T. McCullough-Boyd. Her passing came as a shock to everyone. Janae T. McCullough-Boyd sadly passed away shortly after being taken from us after being kidnapped, just a short time after being taken. Because no one had anticipated that she would leave this world, everyone was taken aback by the suddenness with which she departed it. Her departure was not something that had been planned for. In the spring of 1999, the Ball State University chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Phi played host to the initiation ceremony that served as Janae’s official introduction to the society.

The ceremony was held at Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Phi. The chapter was responsible for providing funding for the event. Janae’s participation in the organization’s initiation ceremony marked the beginning of her journey toward full membership in the group. This was the first of several required events. During the course of this event, she was given the official membership pin for the organization that she is a part of as a token of appreciation for her participation.

The chapter was given the job of putting together the event as well as seeing to its overall execution. The deeds that were carried out were carried out at the house that was owned by the fraternity, which served as the setting for the deeds that were carried out at the house that was owned by the fraternity. This house, which served as the backdrop for the occasion, was where it took place. We are going to miss her very much for a great many different reasons; however.

The reasons that come to mind first are her infectious smile, her ability to make us laugh, and the leadership skills that she possessed. These are the reasons why we are going to miss her so much. It is essential that you keep praying for her, as well as for her husband Terrill, their two sons Jonathan and Jackson, and anyone else who genuinely loved her. Please continue to say prayers for all of them. I beg you not to cease your prayers for her. She is surrounded by people who deeply care about how she is doing physically and mentally and who are constantly thinking about how she is progressing. We are grateful.

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