James Wilkerson Obituary, James Wilkerson has died – Death

James Wilkerson Obituary, James Wilkerson has died - Death

James Wilkerson Death, Obituary – On Friday, October 14, 2022, James Watson “Spanky” Wilkerson, who was 42 years old and a resident of Chesterton, Indiana, passed away unexpectedly. The Chesterton Cemetery was chosen as the location for his interment after death. In Hobart, Indiana, on the 22nd of August in 1980, Spanky was brought into the world for the first time. Since that time, both of his parents, Roy Lucian Wilkerson and Janet Darlene Wilkerson (née Lewis), have passed away and are no longer with us. He worked two jobs: one was as a painter for the Union that was linked with Local 460, and the other was as a mechanic.

Due to the fact that he was such a skilled technician, a lot of people are going to miss having access to his services. When Spanky finally had some spare time on his hands, one of his top priorities was to take a trip to Florida, which he enjoyed doing whenever the opportunity presented itself. You could find him enjoying the invigorating breeze from the ocean and taking pictures of his children, but you would never see him actually getting into the water and swimming. Spanky was a kind and selfless person who was always concerned about the health and happiness of those who were in close proximity to him.

He was the kind of man who would help anyone who was in need, and if you asked him to, he would even give you the clothes right off his back. He was that kind of man. He was blessed with a great sense of humor and was always able to make other people laugh no matter the circumstance. The majority of Spanky’s assets, including both his goods and his money, were left to his children as well as his mother and father. He is a devoted father, loving fiancé, cherished son and brother, as well as a dear uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend to all of those folks who had the good fortune to know him. In addition, he is a loyal friend to all of those individuals who had the opportunity to know him.

In addition to this, he is a loyal friend to each and every person who has ever had the privilege of getting to know him. Spanky will be remembered by his fiancee, Michelle Cleveland; his children Watson, Jaxton, Jolie, and Jordan; his brothers Roy (Debbie) Wilkerson, Tim Wilkerson, and Tony Wilkerson; his aunts Kay (Don) Wilson and Frances (Wayne) Gilbert; his uncle Roger (Deborah) O’Rourke; his nieces and nephews Shannon, Ariel, Kayla, and Laura; and his nephews James, Terry, Matthew, and Jared Before he passed away, both of his parents, Roy and Janet, had already passed away. He was the only surviving child. Donations in memory of Spanky can be made to his family in lieu of flowers at this time. These donations will be made in honor of his life and legacy.

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