Hunter Smith Obituary, Member Of Antioch United Methodist Church Dies – Death

Hunter LeAnn Smith

Hunter LeAnn Smith Death, Obituary – On November 30, 2022, Hunter LeAnn Smith, who had been a resident of Leoma, Tennessee, passed away in the Southern Tennessee Regional Health System in Lawrenceburg, which is located in the same state as Leoma. Lawrenceburg is in the same region as Leoma. Leoma and Lawrenceburg are both located in the state of Ohio. She was 29 years old at that point in her life.

She had attended the Antioch United Methodist Church her whole life and had spent her entire life in the town of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, where the church is located. She had lived there for her entire life. The year 2000 marks the year of her passing. Hunter was a multifaceted and creative individual who was successful in whatever endeavors she set out to complete. She was successful in everything that she attempted.

Her success was unequivocal. She was licensed as an insurance producer, a certified microblader, a dedicated pet caregiver, and an independent travel agent, among her many other credentials. She also carried a number of other certificates, one of which was that of an Independent Travel Agent. In addition to that, she was a licensed real estate agent. She was held in extremely high regard by the people who were a part of Hunter’s life, and a significant number of people looked up to her as a model for how they should live their own lives.

She devoted herself to the field of cosmetology and also had an interest in a variety of other areas of the arts, both of which contributed to the artistic and beautiful life that she led. She also had an interest in a variety of other areas of the arts. Her life served as a demonstration of both of these concepts. Her great-grandmother, Annie Lou Smith, and both of her grandfathers, Lacy Joe Marston and Carl Smith, as well as her fiance, Michael Ray Sanders, and a special uncle named Gary “Bubba” Marston, all passed away before she did.

Her great-grandmother was named Annie Lou Smith. Her grandfathers were both named Lacy Joe Marston. Her grandmother’s name was Annie Lou Smith when she was alive. Her grandfathers, both of whom bore the name Carl Smith, were both farmers. Michael Ray Sanders was the name of her future husband. Her cherished aunt and uncle’s one-of-a-kind uncle was known by the name of Gary Marston.

She is survived by her mother Pam Smith, who lives in Leoma, Tennessee; her father Tim Smith, who lives in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee; two sisters, Brandi Reed (Anthony), and Laci Smith (Jeff Marks), both of Collinwood, Tennessee; her grandmother Marylin Marston, who also lives in Leoma, Tennessee; her aunt Shari Godley (Jon), who lives in Brentwood, Tennessee; and four nephews, Austin Reed, Gunner Godley

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