Heather Varrasse Obituary, Former Member Pennington First Aid Squad Has Died – Death

Heather Varrasse Obituary, Former Member Pennington First Aid Squad Has Died - Death

Heather Varrasse Death, Obituary – On the morning of December 4, 2022, the members of the Pennington First Aid Squad were notified that their friend and coworker, Heather Varrasse, had left the previous day. Heather had been a member of the squad since December 3, 2022. Heather was a former employee of the squad. After hearing the news, everyone felt a tremendous feeling of loss, and they responded to it in their own unique ways. Each person’s reaction to the news was profoundly different. Heather became a member of the organization in 1997, and despite the fact that she has not been guilty of committing even a single violation during her time there,

she has maintained her status as a member in good standing over the course of the subsequent 25 years. In addition to her work as the 9th District Delegate for the New Jersey State First Aid Council, she served the team at that period as both the First and Second Assistant Captain. During the same time, she also worked for the New Jersey State First Aid Council. In addition to that, she was the First Assistant Captain of the team, which was a position she held for quite some time. She was given the title of Best Responder just once, but the other fourteen times, she was placed in the top ten of those who responded to the survey.

Among her many successes is the recognition as the Person with the Fastest Response Time. Heather answered a total of 2172 calls from a wide mix of callers throughout the time that she volunteered with PFAS. Due to the fact that Heather was once the Chief of Emergency Medical Services for the Hopewell Fire Department, she possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field of emergency medical services. In addition to that, she has previous experience working as a 911 dispatcher for both LifeComm and Mercer County Central. She has now reached the age of 42. It is now possible to determine her age.

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