Heather Coleman Obituary, Former Member Ballymena Academy Has Passed Away – Death

Heather Coleman Obituary

Heather Coleman  Death, Obituary – We were taken aback when we heard about the demise of Mrs. Heather Coleman; may it be of some comfort to her family to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this trying time. In September of 1970, Heather was made an offer for a position on the staff, which she accepted. She continued to serve in that capacity right up until the year 2007, when she ultimately made the decision to step down from her position. During that time period, she was in charge of educating youngsters in the areas of Junior Science as well as Chemistry.

Her responsibilities included teaching both of these topics. In addition to that, she was responsible for teaching a variety of other scientific topics. She was responsible for teaching lessons in both of these topics as part of the curriculum she was responsible for developing. A big number of Heather’s students and peers regarded her in extremely high regard due to the fact that she was a colleague who was thorough and attentive with her teaching. One of the reasons why Heather was held in such high respect was due to the fact that she did this. She had been a student at the educational establishment in the past, worked there as a member of the faculty in the Science department, and was also the parent of a child who was presently a student there.

Her history with the organization goes back for a substantial amount of time and spans multiple decades. In addition to this, she had a good deal of previous experience working for the organization in question. During this trying time, we are keeping her husband Sam, their son Robin, and their daughter Catherine, along with the rest of their family, in our prayers. Also included in these prayers is the rest of their family. On top of that, we are keeping her in our thoughts. During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you in this community.

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