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Harriet Gentle Death

Harriet Gentle Death, Obituary – Harriet Gentlehad a calm passing, and after she had passed away, she was received into the arms of Jesus, her Redeemer, who had been waiting for her there. She passed away on May 16, 2014 at the age of 94 after spending her entire life in the city of Moline, where she was born. Harriet VanDorp had spent her entire life in Moline.

Harriet had spent her whole life in the Moline area, and that is where she was found when she passed away when she was 94 years old. Her husband of 68 years, John, as well as her son and daughter-in-law, Donald and Phyllis VanDorp, all passed away before she did. Her passing was the final chapter in their family’s story. She was the only member of her family to have lived to an old age. The tragedy that their family had been living through was finally brought to an end with her passing.

She was the only member of her family to have lived to a ripe old age, and she was also the only one who accomplished this feat. The ordeal that their family had been going through for such a long time finally came to an end with her passing, even though it was a belated resolution. Following the events that had transpired, she was the only member of her immediate family to emerge unscathed from the ordeal.

She had been extremely fortunate. Her children Evelyn (David) Fennema, Sharon (Peter) DeVries, David (Sandy) VanDorp, and Kenneth (Carolyn) VanDorp will all remember her with a tremendous amount of affection, as will her 23 grandchildren, her numerous great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, her sister Helen (Herm) Scholten, her sisters-in-law Hilda Rozema and Cynthia Kollen, and her It is conceivable that the aforementioned contributions might be made in her name. Because she feels a strong personal connection to both of these groups in addition to the fact that they are both very important to her, it is only natural that she has a great deal of respect for each of them. Both of these groups have a very special place in her heart and she feels a strong connection to both of them.


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