Harold Greenhalgh Obituary, Learn more about Harold Greenhalgh Death

Harold Greenhalgh Obituary, Learn more about Harold Greenhalgh Death

Harold Greenhalgh Death, Obituary – We are writing to convey to you the news of the passing of Harold Robert Greenhalgh, which is accompanied by a sense of heaviness that has settled upon our hearts as we write this letter. We are writing to inform you that he has passed away, and we are sorry for your loss. After a protracted and unsuccessful struggle with cancer, Bob passed away the following day, November 29th, 2022, at the Spencer House in Orillia. At the time of his passing, his loved ones surrounded him and attended to his needs from all angles.

Very Greenhalgh, his wife of 67 years, his children Karen (married to Stu), Randy (married to Pat), Blair (married to Lorain), Blake (married to Cathy), Trevor (married to Mandy), and the late Brian Greenhalgh are some of the people who continue to carry on his legacy. Bob was the grandfather of Tim, Melissa, Nichole, Cameron, Jordyn, Tyler, Lyndzie, Joseph, Mackenzie, and Ashton, as well as the great-grandfather of 27 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He was also the great-grandfather of one great-grandchild. In addition to that, Zander’s great-grandfather was this man. Additionally, Brayden’s great-grandfather was actually Brayden’s own ancestor.

Preston was Bob’s only grandchild, and unfortunately, he was the one who did not outlive his grandfather. Preston was the one who passed away. It is wonderful that Loraine, Doreen, Edward, and Jean each have an older brother or sister who is so compassionate and kind. His children will continue his love for his family and the great outdoors, and the stories he told about his adventures as a pioneer fisherman and hunter will ensure that his homesteading exploits will live on in perpetuity. His children will carry on his love for his family and the great outdoors. His children will continue his passion for spending time with his family and exploring the great outdoors.

Bob was a good and generous man who never hesitated to help others in any way that he could, including giving away what he had and lending a hand in any circumstance in which he found himself. He was always willing to lend a hand to those in need. Our recollections of him will remain unaltered for the rest of our lives and will never fade away. There will be a memorial service held in memory of the person who passed away some time in the early spring of 2023. The service will be held in honor of the life of the person who passed away.

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