Gordon Corsetti Obituary, Atlanta GA, has died – Death

Gordon Corsetti Obituary, Atlanta GA, has died - Death

Gordon Corsetti Obituary, Death –¬†Gentlemen, It’s possible that you’ve already received the news about our good friend, coworker, and brother Gordon by this point. On Friday, he entered the eternal rest that he had earned. It is impossible to adequately convey what Gordon has meant to this organization, to this sport, and to each and every one of us who has had the privilege of getting to know him.

There are simply not enough words. To paraphrase Charlie Obermayer, Gordon was driven by two different interests. His love and enthusiasm for the sport of lacrosse, as well as the camaraderie he felt he gained from playing it and the lifelong friendships it gave him. Additionally, his drive to educate people about mental illness. I believe that everyone here is familiar with Gordon’s tale, but in case you aren’t, the link to his article is provided below.

Gordon had a complete understanding of his problems, both in terms of how they affected him and how they impacted others. He dealt with his problems in the most open and forthright manner I have ever seen someone else handle their problems. His honesty in addressing this matter has served as a beacon to each and every one of us. He brought our attention to the need for greater understanding of mental illness in all of us.

He was able to recognize when he needed assistance and he knew how to solicit it. He gave us encouragement when we were encouraging him. He never failed to acknowledge our assistance and express gratitude. As a group, we will work to come up with a suitable method to honor Gordon. It is impossible to overstate the impact that he has had on the world of lacrosse officiating. He was the epitome of professionalism, an outstanding official, a loyal teammate, an outstanding educator, and a lovely friend. He will be much missed. Genesis 1:26-27 says we were fashioned in God’s image. Both the world and our very lives were gifts from God.

What we do with the gift that God has given us can help define who we are as people made in God’s image. The message that Gordon conveyed regarding aiding those who suffer from mental illness was unmistakable. The fact that he was able to raise our collective awareness of mental illness is a priceless gift that we will always cherish and keep close. This is by far the most appropriate approach to pay tribute to Gordon.

Gordon certainly has his fair share of loves and interests! He was quite passionate about sharing them with us. Because Gordon was a part of our lives, each of us has improved, and the world as a whole is a better place as a result of his having lived here. We will miss having him around! Just damn. To paraphrase what Lou Corsetti had to say about it, “He is at peace now!”

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