George Thomas Obituary, Former Member Maghull Cricket Club Has Died – Death

George Thomas Obituary, Former Member Maghull Cricket Club Has Died - Death

George Thomas Death, Obituary – The passing away during the past weekend of George Thomas, who was a fan of the Maghull Cricket Club and a lifelong member of the club, occurred over the course of the weekend. Everyone in the club is in a state of mourning owing to the recent passing of George Thomas, who was a beloved member of the group. Everyone will be devastated by the departure of George because he was a dedicated member of the Maghull community and because, for many years, he provided crucial support; after his passing, everyone will think of him with affection.

Gardening was one of his favorite pastimes, and when he wasn’t outside working in his yard, he enjoyed watching boxing on television. George was a good and generous man who made it a point to lend a helping hand to whomever he came in contact with at any given time. George Thomas is survived by his mother, Connie Thomas; his siblings, Jennifer Williamson (Mike), Terri Thomas, April Braun, and Anthony Thomas (Heather); his nieces and nephews, Adam Thomas (Shannon), Breanna Thomas, Grant Braun, Griffin Williamson, Zakory Zipnock, Lazarus Thomas, and Jasmine Povlik; and by his great-niece, Estella Thomas.

George Thomas was preceded in death by his father, George Thomas, Sr. Lazarus Thomas, George’s great-nephew, is one of the people who will go on after him. George is survived by his brothers, as well as his nieces and nephews, in addition to his mother, Connie Thomas. His mother is also among those who survive him. In addition, he is survived by a huge number of his cousins and other friends, as well as by the two people he considered to be his closest friends, Bart Baird and Dennis Cook. Anna Forsythe, Joseph “Coke” Yancosky (and Carol), Toni Kuester (and Steve), Karen Thomas, and Nancy Thomas are his aunts and uncle. Toni Kuester is married to Steve.

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