George Nicolaidis Obituary, Former Blacktown Mayor has died – Death

George Nicolaidis Obituary, Former Blacktown Mayor has died - Death

George Nicolaidis Death, Obituary – George Nicolaidis, who served as mayor of Blacktown in the past, passed away this morning. George was elected to the council 9 times throughout the course of his 32-year career (1965-83; 1987-95, and 1999-2004). When Blacktown was still governed by a Municipal Council, he served as Mayor from 1974 until 1976. In recognition of his service to the community and involvement in both the local government and the community, particularly with the historical organizations, George was awarded an OAM in 2013. George was born in Egypt to parents of Greek descent, and in 1949 he made the move to Australia. He was one of the first immigrants to be elected to a post in local government in New South Wales after the war.

George was a part of the first wave of Blacktown’s tremendous population boom, and he quickly became involved in the push for additional resources. It’s fascinating to think that even in this day and age, we’re still struggling to keep up with the tremendous population expansion and competing for limited resources. In Blacktown, he was involved in and witnessed the construction of a great deal of new infrastructure. He committed a significant amount of his time to serving the community. Between 1977 through 1983, George and my father both served as Council Representatives for Ward 4, and during that time, they were wonderful friends and sparring partners. During those years, Labor was in power; nonetheless, George (as a member of the opposition) would question, raise issues, and hold Labor accountable for their actions.

When I was a child and a young adult, I went to a few council meetings as well as other public meetings and events. Controversial matters such as the abolition of the rural rates structures and the requirement for community infrastructure, which must include roads, bridges, and playing fields, among other amenities. I have always maintained that the council that served from 1977 to 1987 was the first transformational council for Blacktown, as it was the council that established the vision that is still relevant today. His wife, Ping, and son Theo are the ones who will carry on after him. Vale George Nicolaidis OAM, you served as an Alderman and Councillor for the Municipality and City of Blacktown, and you maintained your commitment to community service even after leaving public office. We are grateful to you for your time in public office, and we wish you peace in your retirement. May you rest in peace.

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