George Gilliland Obituary, Political Icon & Labor Champion Dies – Death

George Gilliland Death

George Gilliland Death, Obituary – It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you of the passing of George “Jeep” Gilliland, as this is very distressing information. I apologize for having to deliver this news to you. George “Jeep” Gilliland exemplified the work ethic throughout his entire life and was known as “the epitome of the working class.” During the course of their travels, George and Anna had a fantastic time discovering new places all over the world and going to a wide variety of museums, landmarks, and other tourist destinations in a variety of countries and regions.

His vast assortment of antiques and antiquities, along with his collection of ancient Farmall tractors, steam cranes, and other steam-powered equipment, all served to illustrate his interest in steam power in all of its guises. He was a very active member of the Michigan Steam Engine and Threshers Club, and one of the positions he held at the club was to serve as the engineer of the steam-powered crane that was placed on the exhibition grounds. He also served as the president of the club. In addition to that, he was a passionate collector of old threshing machines and steam engines.

Since he was a little boy, his family had always been very important to him, and he looked forward to the moments when they were all together so that they could laugh at his jokes and listen to him tell stories. He cherished the times when they were all together. He held in the highest regard the times when all of them were in the same place at the same time. His grandchildren were the shining stars in his life, and he participated in as many of the events that they participated in as he was physically able to; when he couldn’t be there in person, he expressed his support for them from a distance.

When he couldn’t be there in person, he participated in as many of the events that they participated in as he was physically able to. His grandchildren were the brightest points in his otherwise ordinary existence. He took part in as many of the activities that they did as his body allowed him to for the amount of time that he spent with them. The joy that his grandchildren experienced was the fuel that propelled him through each day.

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