Garvin Roberson Obituary, Former Member Elkhart Police Department Has Died – Death

Garvin Roberson Obituary

Garvin Roberson¬† Death, Obituary – On Friday, the body of Garvin Roberson, who was the brother of Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson, was found in a car that had been buried in water close to Sturgis, Michigan. Garvin Roberson’s body was found inside the vehicle. Garvin Roberson, 70, was found in a vehicle that had been submerged in a pond close to the intersection of Fawn River Road and White School Road. This location is approximately 30 miles northeast of Elkhart, Indiana. On Friday afternoon, the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department made the announcement that Garvin Roberson had been found.

Roberson was found in the vehicle that had been submerged in the pond. It was determined that Roberson was located inside the vehicle. The day before yesterday, in Elkhart, was the last time anyone saw Garvin Roberson. During the time that Garvin’s family was looking for him, the Mayor of Elkhart, Rod Roberson, issued a written statement that was attributed to him by the sheriff’s office and thanked the community for its assistance and prayers. The statement was distributed by the sheriff’s office and given his name as the author. We are in complete and utter disbelief after hearing the news that my brother Garvin passed away.

For the past week, we had been keeping our fingers crossed that he would make it home safely, so this news has left us in a state of complete and utter shock. During this challenging time, his family and Deb, who is engaged to him, are appreciative of the support and prayers they have received from you. It was stated in the statement that “we have felt the affection of this entire community.” [Citation needed] The Michigan State Police have not yet reached a conclusion regarding the circumstances behind Garvin Roberson’s passing. Garvin Roberson was last seen driving a silver Honda on the day before he was reported missing. According to the authorities, his body was found inside the same Honda that he was seen driving on that day.

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