Eric Estenfelder Obituary, Campbell County High School Baseball member has died – Death

Eric Estenfelder Obituary, Campbell County High School Baseball member has died - Death

Eric Estenfelder Death, Obituary – We are beyond devastated to tell you that we have lost one of the most loving, cheerful, and kind-hearted people who have ever graced this earth. He was a wonderful person who will be much missed. The information has left us in a state that can only be described as total and utter devastation. It was always a pleasure to spend time in his company.
Eric Estenfelder passed away not too long ago after working at CCHS as a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and a friend. He was a shining light to the CCHS Baseball Program as well as the CCHS faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, he was a guiding beacon for the entirety of the CCHS community.

On the baseball field or in the classroom, Coach Estenfelder was an amazing presence everywhere he went. He was an inspiration to his players and students alike. Students have been motivated to develop a love of learning as well as an understanding for and interest in mathematics as a result of him, and he has been an important contributor to the accomplishment of these objectives. He has served as a coach and a mentor for the Campbell County Baseball programme, coaching and cheering on our players at every level, bringing fun and positivity to the field each and every day, and of course, celebrating victories (and on occasion, defeats) with some pretty incredible dances.

He has been a part of the programme for a very long time. He has been a participant in the programme for a significant amount of time.Everyone who had the chance to learn from and work with Coach “E,” including players, students, and other coaches, is going to miss him terribly. This includes the opportunity to work with him. Everyone will grieve his passing in their own unique ways. The news of his departure has taken us by complete and utter surprise, and we cannot believe what we are hearing about it. As a result of Eric’s decision to be an organ donor, he will be able to bestow the gifts of good health and long life via the donation of his organs on a very large number of people.

This will be in keeping with the generous nature that characterised him and will allow him to live out his legacy. This will be consistent with the fact that he donated organs to others in the past.
During this difficult time, we ask that you pray not only for the members of the CCHS Baseball community but also for each and every student and member of the CCHS faculty. Please keep us in your prayers. As they mourn their loss, his family and the friends he has left behind would appreciate it if you would keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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