Enrique Alcarez Obituary, 34-year-old Man killed in fatal Phoenix police shooting – Death

Enrique Alcarez Obituary, 34-year-old Man killed in fatal Phoenix police shooting - Death

Enrique Alcarez Obituary, Death –  On Tuesday, law enforcement officers in Phoenix, Arizona, shot and killed a man who has been identified as Enrique Alcarez, 34 years old. Alcarez was pronounced dead at the scene. On Tuesday, police officers opened fire on Alcarez, resulting in his death. At approximately eleven o’clock in the evening, law enforcement officers who were conducting patrols in the neighborhood surrounding Third Street and Southern Avenue came across a vehicle that matched the description of a car that had been involved in an armed robbery earlier that day. The robbery had taken place earlier in the day. The theft had taken place earlier in the day. Officers reportedly made an attempt to pull over Alcarez, but he continued driving away until his vehicle collided with a metal fence near the intersection of 16th Street and Southern Avenue, as stated by the police.

When the officers asked Alcarez to show them his hands, he allegedly showed them a weapon instead, which prompted the officers to shoot him multiple times. As a consequence of the injuries he sustained, Alcarez passed away. After conducting their investigation, the authorities now have reason to believe that Alcarez shot himself in the leg with one of the gunshot wounds he had sustained. Officers used a “less-lethal instrument” in their attempt to persuade the suspect to show his hands, according to the statements they gave after the incident. After waiting for the person to respond, law enforcement officials approached the vehicle and discovered a revolver concealed inside of it.

Alcarez was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and the woman who was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle was taken into custody after being arrested for her involvement in the incident. The woman’s identity has not been established by the authorities despite their best efforts. At this time, the police have not provided any fresh information to the public.

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