Emily Lim Obituary, Learn more about Emily Lim Death

Emily Lim Obituary, Learn more about Emily Lim Death

Emily Lim Death, Obituary – A. Lim, Emily November 3, 1951 – November 6, 2022 Sacramento, California – Emily Lim was a remarkable individual and an exemplary example of a human being. She is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and she was born in Sacramento. Her parents came to the United States from China. Emily attended public schools throughout her childhood and received her diploma from McClatchy High School in 1969. She was a product of the public education system. She was a blood gas technician at the University of California Medical Center, where she worked to help support herself through college. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sacramento State as well as a teaching credential while she was there.

In addition to that, she signed up for a Taekwondo class at the martial arts school where she met her future husband, Frank, who was teaching there. After that, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together, and both their marriage and their love lasted for more than 50 years. Emily spent over 30 years as a high school science teacher in the Sacramento Unified School District. However, the teaching of English as a Second Language to Southeast Asian students who were fleeing the dangerous environment of the Vietnam War brought her the most personal fulfilment. These students were seeking refuge from the conflict in their home country.

In her older years, she reconnected with many of her former students, and those students thanked her for guiding them toward becoming responsible adults and a source of motivation throughout their lives. Emily was plagued by a myriad of health problems in the last years of her life, which not only left her in excruciating pain but also rendered her unable to move around freely. In spite of the constraints she faced, she never failed to keep a cheerful demeanour and a constructive outlook toward the individuals who were concerned about her well-being. She was a wonderful mother who cherished her children and husband very much.

Emily is survived by her husband Frank, sons Michael and Steven, daughter-in-law Jennifer, and granddaughters Cassandra, Mary, Alison, and Josephine. She also leaves behind her daughter-in-law Jennifer. Your loved ones in the family will undoubtedly miss you. Saint Mary’s Cemetery will be the location of the funeral services. Visitation will begin at 9:00 a.m., followed by a rosary and a mass, and will be followed by a burial service at 11:00 a.m. If you are unable to send flowers, please consider making a donation to any animal rights charity of your choosing in lieu of sending flowers.

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