Elvis Tremblay Obituary, Elvis Tremblay Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Elvis Tremblay Death

Elvis Tremblay Death, Obituary –Elvis Tremblay, who was born and reared in the city of Glendon, Ontario, had his 61st birthday on November 27, 2022, the day before he passed away. He celebrated his birthday with family and friends. At that point in time, he was 61 years old. His stepdaughter Cheri Anderson, his children Joseph Kine, Robin (Felix), Amanda (Jordan), and Jodi (Kevin), his grandchildren Ethan, Patience, Diamond, and Mikaya, his sisters.

Geraldine (Brian) Klohn and Diane (JR) Winther, his brothers Aaron and Brian (Jen), as well as a large number of nieces, nephews, and other relatives are among those who are left behind by him. Cheri Anderson was his step Elvis’s spouse Gloria, his grandparents Madeline and Alexander Tremblay, his parents Emil Svanda and Emma Tremblay, his brothers Darcy, Gary, and Sammy, and a large number of other relatives and friends all passed away before Elvis did. In addition, Elvis was predeceased by a large number of friends and relatives.

In addition to this, a great number of Elvis’s friends and family have passed away before him. In addition to this, a significant number of Elvis’s other family and friends have already left this world before him. McArthur Place in Lac La Biche will play host to a Wake on the 9th of December. This is due to the fact that the gathering will take place there at that precise moment (the procession will leave Grace Gardens at three in the afternoon).

A Funeral Service will be held at McArthur Place in Lac La Biche on the afternoon of Saturday, December 10, at one o’clock in the afternoon. The service will commemorate the life of the deceased. The memorial service is scheduled to take place on December 10 at the appointed hour. The Reverend Father Anselmo Landoy will preside over the funeral service that is going to be held in the Willowpark Cemetery in Lac La Biche.

The event is going to be held on Tuesday. The burial is scheduled to take place in Lac La Biche, as it is where the body was found. It is entirely up to the discretion of the donor as to whether or not they would like to send their donations to Diabetes Canada at the following address, but they are more than welcome to do so: St. Paul, Alberta .


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