Ellsworth Tripp Obituary, Cohocton Fire Department member has died – Death

Ellsworth Tripp Obituary, Cohocton Fire Department member has died - Death

Ellsworth Tripp Death, Obituary – Everyone in this town is saddened by the loss of Coach Ellsworth Tripp, and the members of the Cohocton Hook & Ladder Company would like to take this opportunity to extend their deepest condolences to Mrs. Tripp and the rest of the Tripp family on their recent loss. The passing of Coach Ellsworth Tripp has been a tragic event for this entire community. The passing of Coach Ellsworth Tripp was a shocking and unfortunate occurrence for everyone in this community. Because of Coach Ellsworth Tripp’s departure, the residents of this community will all feel as though a hole has been left in their hearts. When Ellsworth first joined the Cohocton Fire Department on June 7, 1966, he did so in the capacity of a volunteer.

However, he advanced rapidly through the ranks and is now an active member of the department. He was required to have worked continuously as a volunteer for the good of his community for a period of twenty years prior to being granted honorary status as a member of the organization for the rest of his life. If he did not meet this requirement, he was not eligible for the honorary status. This was a requirement for him to meet before he could be considered for the honorary status. This was an essential prerequisite condition. Not only did Ellsworth aid the community in which he lived, but he also served his nation and was awarded a bronze star for the efforts he made to the war effort on the Korean Peninsula. This prestigious award is presented to him in recognition of the unwavering dedication he has shown toward assisting the people of his nation.

In the course of his life, Ellsworth was able to be of service not only to his immediate area and community, but also to his country. Because of the innumerable hours of hard labor, unwavering devotion, and limitless love that you have given upon our sliver of the world, we owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. You undoubtedly played a significant role in giving this neighborhood the one-of-a-kind atmosphere that it formerly had. This environment was a direct result of your efforts. This can be demonstrated by the fact that this environment was once singular in its characteristics. I have no doubt in my mind that each and every one of the next efforts that you undertake will offer you nothing but happiness and a sense of accomplishment, Coach. I hope you get a restful night’s sleep!

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