Ellen Laymon Obituary, Lifelong Member Of The Chautauqua Club Has Passed Away – Death

Ellen Marie Laymon

Ellen Marie Laymon Death, Obituary – At the time of her passing on November 27, 2022, Ellen Marie (Gebhart) Laymon was 87 years old. She passed away at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She considered the community of Warren, Indiana, in the state of Indiana to be her home. Mrs. Laymon received her education degree from Indiana University, which is located in Bloomington, where she also completed her training to become a teacher. She graduated with honors from Warren High School, where she was a model student and received her diploma.

In addition to working as a school teacher in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and as a cashier in Las Vegas, Nevada, she also worked at the Citizen’s Telephone Corporation in Warren, Indiana, where she was employed with her husband. In addition to such clubs, she was a part of the Chautauqua Club and the Gingham Gals in addition to her bridge group. She had been a member of the United Church of Christ in Warren her entire life, and she was very active in the ministry of the church by carrying out activities such as helping to generate money for the new youth room and engaging in outreach.

Throughout her life, she had attended the United Church of Christ in Warren. Since she was a little child, she had been attending services at the local church regularly. Her hobby was baking, and she pleased her numerous friends and acquaintances by presenting them with scrumptious pies, cookies, and other appetizing confections that she prepared in the kitchen.

She had a heart that was both giving and kind, and during her life, she was able to lend a helping hand to a substantial number of different families. In recognition of the contributions that she had made to the community in the year 2020, she was awarded the Samuel Jones Award as a sign of gratitude from the community.
Ellen held her grandchildren in the highest regard. It was very important to her to be there for her children no matter what they were involved in during their formative years.

As a result, she made it a point to attend all of their extracurricular activities and volunteered her time to chauffeur them around. Being there for her children was very important to her. She cherished every chance she got to visit with her three great-grandchildren, Ezra, Maya, and Isaac, and she did so whenever she could. She liked being able to spend time with them. They placed a high value on the time that they were able to spend together and considered it something of great significance.

Because her biological parents, Elijah A. Gebhart and Evelyn Ruth (Holmes) Gebhart, had both passed away before she was born, her stepmother and stepfather were responsible for bringing her into the world on March 16, 1935. Her parents’ names were Elijah A. Gebhart and Evelyn Ruth (Holmes) Gebhart.
On August 9, 1959, she weds Gordon L. Laymon at the congregation of the Warren United Church of Christ. The event took place five decades and nineteen years ago.

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