Duncan Robinson Obituary, Former Member Magdalene College Has Died – Death

Duncan Robinson Obituary, Former Member Magdalene College Has Died - Death

Duncan Robinson Death, Obituary – On December 2, 2022, Mr. Duncan Robinson CBE, who had been an Honorary Fellow of the College and a former Master, passed away in the United States. He participated in the College’s activities for a considerable amount of time. The unfortunate passing of Mr. Robinson has been brought to the College’s knowledge, and everyone there is in mourning over the news. During his time as Master of Magdalene College, which began in 2002 and continued until 2012, he supervised a major rise in the overall academic performance of the institution.

This rise occurred under his watch. In addition to this, he was the key impetus behind the decision to create the New Library and begin the extraordinarily productive Future Foundations Campaign. He was also the driving force behind the construction of the New Library. His achievements in this field of research won him widespread recognition as an art historian, for which he was subsequently awarded. Duncan Robinson was an exceptional Master in each and every way, as stated in the statement that was issued by the current Master, Sir Christopher Greenwood.

He was an outstanding student who worked very hard and was able to accomplish a great deal of success in his endeavors to raise the College’s academic standing while preserving its welcoming and encouraging culture. He did this while maintaining the College’s friendly and supportive environment. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars counted him as a member at one point. Despite the fact that the recently built Library is a monument to his vision for Magdalene and has already garnered several accolades, this building is only the physical manifestation of an influence that was pervasive throughout all facets of college life.

Duncan once remarked that the period of his career in which he played the character of Master was the most fruitful and gratifying of his entire professional life. This phrase is in reference to the period of time that Duncan served as the Master. Since everyone at the College is thankful to him for everything he has done for the institution, it is an honor for me to be one of the people he chose to succeed him as President of the College. He has done a lot of good things for the College.

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