Draven Daniel Obituary, 16-year-old boy killed in Shawnee – Death

Draven Daniel Obituary, 16-year-old boy killed in Shawnee - Death

Draven Daniel Death, Obituary – Thanks to the efforts of a medical examiner who performed the autopsy, the identity of the person who was killed in a shooting that took place in the Shawnee area has been positively identified. The shooting took place in the area around Shawnee. The area of the country that was discussed earlier was the location of the person who was shot, and they were found in that area. On Tuesday, there was a confrontation that took place just a few minutes before 2:30 o’clock in the afternoon. The confrontation involved a pistol, and it took place. It was reported that the incident took place in the neighborhood that is situated in the general vicinity of River Park Drive and 39th Street.

According to the coroner, the body of the deceased individual was discovered in a back alley of the neighborhood, and it was reported that the incident took place in the neighborhood. When officers from the local police department arrived at the scene to investigate the incident, they found a boy at the scene by the name of Draven J. Daniel who was 16 years old and was suffering from gunshot wounds. The family has called the neighborhood of Pleasure Ridge Park home for several generations, dating back to Daniel’s great-grandparents. A short time later, a medical examiner who was present at the scene came to the conclusion that he had passed away at the location where the incident had taken place. A relatively short amount of time was required for the medical examiner to arrive at this conclusion.

According to the information that was provided by the LMPD, it would appear that there are no suspects in connection with the case at this time. The Homicide Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department is currently in charge of leading the investigation and is taking the initiative to do so. This responsibility was recently transferred to them. The Homicide Unit is in charge of the investigation at this point in time so they can get to the bottom of what happened. It is strongly suggested that anyone who may have information call the anonymous Crime Tip hotline at the number 502-574-5673 or utilize the anonymous Crime Tip portal that can be located at the LMPD Crime Tip Portal.

Both of these options are available on the LMPD website. On the LMPD website, users have access to both of these available choices. Users of the LMPD website have access to both of these options that are currently available to them. You can select either of these options through the LMPD Crime Tip Portal, which is the location you should go to in order to find it.

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