Doug Stevens Obituary, Former Member East Ballarat Cricket Club Has Passed Away – Death

Doug Stevens Obituary

Doug Stevens Death, Obituary – I would like to extend a warm greeting to everyone who has played cricket for the Millbrook/East Ballarat cricket club, either in the past or at the present time. Whether you played in the past or at the present time, I would like to thank you for your service. This applies to those individuals who have played in the past as well as those individuals who play the game at the present time. The passing of our dear friend Doug Stevens earlier this week has left a hole in each of our hearts, and we are going to miss him very much. Earlier this week, he was taken from us too soon.

In addition to being a Life Member of the organization for more than sixty years, Doug played for the club and led it to a premiership during his time there. He also captained the team. During the course of the club’s existence, Doug also held the position of President of the organization on more than one occasion. We want Doug’s family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We are very sorry for what has happened. We beg you to please accept our heartfelt condolences and want you to know that you and your family will be kept in our prayers during this difficult time.

In addition to this, he took a great deal of pleasure in the possibility of applying the carpentry skills he had acquired to a wide range of different projects and coming up with innovative ideas. At the funeral home, where the ceremonies will be held, there will be a gathering for friends and family members to come and pay their respects. He spent the entirety of his life as a member of Eagles FOE 3229, and after 35 years of devoted service to the organization, he was honored with the gift of a pin as a symbol of gratitude for his commitment to the group. During the vast majority of those years, he was involved with the organization as a trustee for its board of directors.

Paula Sargent and Debbie Stewart, both of Summit, married men named Charlie, and Debbie Stewart and Paula Sargent, both of Bellefonte, are the father’s surviving daughters. Paula Sargent and Debbie Stewart, both of Bellefonte, married Jim Sargent. Both Paula Sargent and Debbie Stewart tied the knot with Beaufort County residents. In addition to this, he is going to be separated from his wife in the future.

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