Doug Maclean Obituary, Montague PEI, Doug Maclean has died – Death

Doug Maclean Obituary, Montague PEI, Doug Maclean has died - Death

Doug Maclean Obituary, Death – Douglas Hall Maclean was murdered in the early morning hours of June 17, 2021, by a person or thing referred to as a brain bleed. Doug had reached the age of 78. He was a devoted husband and father, as well as an executive in the oil and natural gas industry and an avid athlete. He passed away quietly at home surrounded by his family. Doug was born on October 28th, 1942 in Fresno, California to parents Vida Dale Julian MacLean and Robert Govan MacLean. His mother’s maiden name was Julian, while his father’s was Govan. During his childhood, his family moved to Salt Lake City, where they settled directly across the street from the Sonntags.

Soon after that, Doug found himself falling in love with the girl who lived across the street, Maurine “Renie” Sonntag, and on October 4, 1960, they tied the knot. Renie is the offspring of Molly Christensen Sonntag, who married Walter A. Sonntag, and their daughter Renie. The summers that Doug and Renie spent attending the University of Utah were spent working at Jackson Lake Lodge in Wyoming. Douglas “Doug” MacLean is survived by his wife Maurine “Renie” Sonntag MacLean, with whom he shared 60 years of marriage; his son John; his daughters Julian, Katherine, and Heather; 13 grandchildren; and 3 great grandchildren.

On Monday, June 21st, he was laid to rest at Larkin Sunset Lawn in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a service that was held privately for his family. Doug had a reputation for being someone who could always find the funny in a given situation. Because of his inability to suppress his laughter, he was subjected to a few of minor disciplinary proceedings while serving in the Army. Because of this, he claimed that he had become an expert at peeling potatoes.

He was a student at the University of Utah and drove a sporty looking white Austin Healey during his time there. After receiving his degree, Doug began a career that would last him for the next 44 years in the oil and natural gas business. Instead of driving a sporty automobile, he now has a station wagon for the family. Throughout the course of his career, Doug kept a genuine smile on his face while eating a wide variety of strange and unfamiliar foods that were served to him by hosts. The one and only exception to this rule was caused by the inadvertent consumption of a huge ball of wasabi, which was then followed by coughing and drinking water. After some time had passed, as he was narrating the story of his host trying to intercept the wasabi ball before it passed his lips, he broke into a smile.

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