Doris Willow Obituary, Member Of New City Fire Engine Company Dies – Death

Doris Willow Obituary

Doris T. Willow Death, Obituary – Doris and her family have a long history of service in the fire company, beginning with her loyal husband Lawrence “Moose” Willows, who rose through the ranks of the fire department and was appointed Chief in 1972. Doris’s devotion in the fire company was inspired by her husband’s accomplishments. In addition, Doris contributed to the organization in her own special way by joining the New City Fire Engine Co. No. 1 Ladies Auxiliary in the year 1960. In this capacity, she served the organization.

She continued to be a part of this group right up to the moment she passed away, which was 62 years after she first joined. During the time that she was affiliated with the organization, she also served as the President of the Auxiliary for a period of time. She leaves behind six children, thirteen grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, and six granddaughters-in-law. She also had six granddaughters-in-law. In addition, she has six grandchildren-in-law that she leaves behind.

The value that Doris and Moose placed on giving back to the community is something that has been instilled in their children and grandchildren, and it is something that is still carried out today. Her other son, Lawrence “Skip” Willows, Jr., held the position of Chief of the Department from 1980 to 1981, and her other son, Rich Willows, is the current Chief of the Department. William, the second son, was also a police officer and spent many years in the force. He was a member of the department for many years.

Ginny (Wolfe) and Peggy (McSharar), the mother’s two children, have both been active members of the Ladies Auxiliary for a substantial amount of time, with Peggy presently holding the position of President. The woman was a member of the organization herself. The fire company has had John McSharar, Peggy’s husband, as a member for a very long time. John has been a member of the company for a very long time. In addition to his role as secretary for the New City Board of Fire Commissioners, he is also acting at the present time as a Trustee for the organization.

Furthermore, two of Doris’ grandchildren have completed their mandatory service in the military or the police force. Rich Willows Jr. is a member of the organization at the present time, while his brother Matt was an active member in the past but has since switched to the social membership category. Another member that is a part of the Ladies Auxiliary is Jen, who is the grandmother’s grandchild.

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