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Donna Fritz Death

Donna Fritz Death, Obituary – Due to the effects of natural causes, Donna Fritz, who resided in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, died away on Sunday, December 4, 2022 at the age of 67 and in the comfort of her own home. The cause of death was due to the effects of natural causes. The cremation will take place, and at some point in the future, the family will hold a memorial service in order to honor the life of the person who has passed away and pay tribute to their memory.

The family decided to cremate the body of the dead as their final disposition of the body. The family has entrusted Maddux-Fuqua-Hinton Funeral Home with the responsibility of directing the services that are involved with the funeral. These services include the visitation, the viewing, and the repast. The funeral home is the recipient of this obligation, which the family has given to their care.

Clarksville, Tennessee was the place where Donna Phillips Winchester made her entrance into the world on January 20th, 1955. She is the child of Donna Phillips and Winchester, her parents. Both of her parents, Joseph Phillips and Lille Mae Bilbery Winchester, had already passed away by the time their daughter was born. They were both born in Winchester. After both parents had already departed away, their daughter was brought into the world. She began her job as a home cleaner and spent the most of her time working in the field throughout the early stages of her profession.

Her grandparents, her son Ricky Fritz, who passed away in 2016, and her dearest friend for her entire life, JD Davis, all passed away before she did. Additionally, her grandson Jonathan Cottrell also passed away before she did. Both of her parents passed away when she was still a little child, leaving her an orphan. She was an orphan because she never got to know either of her parents because they passed away while she was still a young child.

Her family includes her husband Larry Phillips of Crofton, Tennessee, as well as her son Chad Wallace and his wife Shannon of Dover, Tennessee, her daughter Tonya Reynolds of Dover, Tennessee, her brother Larry Phillips of Crofton, Tennessee, her two sisters Teresa Putty of Hopkinsville, Tennessee, and Paula Jeane Davis and her husband Jeff of Virginia, her nine grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, and her brother Larry Phillips of Crofton, Tennessee.

Her family also includes her nine great grandchildren She is survived by her children as well as by her husband, Larry Phillips, who currently resides in Crofton, Tennessee. He was by her side when she passed away. As an alternative to giving flowers as a form of memorial tribute, donations made to the American Cancer Society can be offered instead; the American Cancer Society will receive these gifts and put them to good use.

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