Donald McKinnon Obituary, Soufriere victim identified – Death

Donald McKinnon Obituary, Soufriere victim identified - Death

Donald McKinnon Death, Obituary – Donald McKinnon was the victim of a shooting that took place on December 3 in Soufriere, Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia Police say. McKinnon was reportedly shot and killed by another individual. The incident occurred on the island of Saint Lucia. The tournament was held at Saint Lucia, which was the location of the Caribbean island. The event was reported to have taken place in Soufriere, which is found in Saint Lucia. The location was specified in the report. Donnie, or “Donnie,” as his friends and neighbours in the region affectionately called to him, was one of two men who were shot by two unknown gunmen at a popular pub known as Soufriere. The other victim was a man who was identified only as Donnie.

The other victim was a man only known by his first name, Donnie, who was found to have been shot. The second victim was a male who remained unidentified throughout the investigation. The second person to be injured in the incident was a buddy of Donnie’s who was also in the bar at the time the incident occurred. This other friend of yours was hurt in the incident as well.
Although McKinnon was born in Scotland, a country that is a part of the United Kingdom, he has considered Saint Lucia to be his home for the larger part of the previous three decades at this time. At this moment, Saint Lucia is recognised to be McKinnon’s permanent residence.

Saint Lucia is regarded as McKinnon’s permanent residence at this point in time. At the moment, he believes that the Choiseul neighbourhood in Reunion serves as his permanent place of residence. During the time that he worked as the manager of the Soufriere Estate, which is located on the island of St. Vincent, he was in charge of maintaining both the Diamond Waterfall as well as the Diamond Botanical Gardens. In addition, he was in charge of hiring and supervising the staff that worked on the estate. Both of these features can be found in the area immediately surrounding the estate. Aside from that, he was the one who conceived of and carried out the creation of both of these individual components.

My coworker Peter Jackson was also shot, but it did not appear that his wounds were life-threatening, and after being admitted to St. Jude Hospital, he was moved there in a stable condition after being treated there. His injuries did not appear to be as severe as those of the other victims. It appeared that his wounds were not nearly as severe as those sustained by the other victims. It did not appear that he had sustained any injuries that could put his life in jeopardy in any way. Following his death, the number of people who have been brutally murdered on the island brings the total to 67. With his passing, the total number of people who have been brutally put to death on the island rises to 67.

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