Don Pederson Obituary, Long-Time Theory Faculty Member ha passed away – Death

Don Pederson Obituary, Long-Time Theory Faculty Member ha passed away - Death

Don Pederson Death, Obituary –  I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but on November 18, DON PEDERSON, a veteran member of the theory faculty who had served for a number of years, passed away. He had served for a number of years. I am telling you this information with a heavy heart because I know it will upset you. He had accrued a sizeable amount of years of experience in the field. You might remember him if you were a student at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville during the time that he was teaching Form and Analysis there. If this was the case, you can look him up in the university’s online directory.

If this were the case, you would be able to find him in the online directory that is maintained by the university. There is a good chance that you were enrolled in one of his classes that focused on various kinds of musical styles if you ever attended graduate school at any point in your life. If this describes you, there is a good chance that you took one of his classes. Undergraduates will also remember the CAT ear training programs that Don and Mark Boling programmed specifically for their use in all of our ear training classes.

hese programs were made available to undergrads. The use of these programs was specifically conceived with the needs of students in mind. Don and Mark are the ones who gave you access to these programs and made them available to you. On Tuesday, December 20, at 2:00 p.m., there will be a service to celebrate the life of the deceased. The Messiah Lutheran Church, which can be found at 6900 Kingston Pike, will be the location of the service; the precise location of the service will be disclosed at a later time.

After the service, there will be a reception in the Fellowship Hall, which will be open not only to those who attended the service but also to their friends and family members who were unable to make it.

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