Dijon Snowden Obituary, Learn More About Dijon Snowden Death

Dijon Snowden Obituary, Learn More About Dijon Snowden Death

Dijon Snowden Obituary, Death – A victim of a shooting that took place on Thursday in the central section of Las Vegas was able to be positively identified thanks to the work of the Clark County coroner’s office. Earlier in the day was when the shooting took place. The incident that resulted in the gunshot took place in the evening on Wednesday. According to the results of the office of the coroner in Clark County, Nevada, Dijon Snowden, age 31, was declared dead at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center on Thursday night from several gunshot wounds to the torso.

The cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds to the thorax. Snowden suffered “multiple gunshot wounds to the torso,” as stated in the official autopsy report that was released after his death. The cause of the deceased individual’s passing was described as “undetermined” in the obituary that was written for them after they went away. After he had already passed away, it came to light that, before to his demise, an assassination attempt had been planned with him in mind as the target.

Snowden and a woman in her 20s were both shot inside of an apartment on Royal Crest Street, according to a statement that was given by the Metropolitan Police Department on Thursday evening. The Metropolitan Police Department is responsible for making the statement available to the general public. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), which is located in close proximity to the house, may be reached without any trouble.

According to the reports, the incident occurred when two guys got into a disagreement, at which point one of the men pulled out a pistol and shot at the victims. The victims were injured as a result of the shooting. As a direct consequence of the gunshot, one of the victims sustained an injury. The various stories state that an altercation broke out between the two groups of people, and during the commotion, one of the men shot his gun in the direction of the victims.

There were a total of two casualties because one of them was injured as a direct result of the shot being fired, making the total number of victims two. According to the testimonies that were given to the police by the victims, the medical staff did not believe that the other victim’s injuries were life-threatening after she was treated for them. This is based on the fact that the victim did not believe that her injuries were life-threatening.

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