Dennis Walker Obituary, Former Member New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church Has Died – Death

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Dennis Walker Death, Obituary – On Sunday, October 30, 2022, early in the afternoon, Dennis Lynn Walker passed away peacefully at Autumn Care in Hyde Park, Utah. He was 80 years old. He was encircled by the people he cared about the most. Because he is a one-of-a-kind individual who can never be replaced, his absence will be severely felt. On August 16, 1942, he came into the world as the fourth and final child of his loving parents, Samuel Frederick Walker and Cleo Geneva Howe. His birth took place in the city of Ogden, which is located in the state of Utah. All of his ancestors, including his grandparents, his parents, his brother Bill, and both of his sisters, Bonnie and Adele, had previously passed away.

He attended Weber County Schools as well as Ogden City Schools throughout his time as a student in the city of Ogden, where he also spent his boyhood. Early on in his youth, Dennis gained an appreciation for the value of toiling at at one’s vocation by participation in activities such as selling donuts door-to-door, mowing lawns, and delivering newspapers in order to save money for the purchase of a horse. At the age of 16, he began his working career, first for American Food Stores, then for Ogden Automotive Supplies, and ultimately for Hill Air Force Base. He held each of these positions for a total of three years.

On February 15, 1975, Dennis successfully closed the deal on the purchase of a dairy farm in the Cache Valley. Because he valued the way of life in Trenton so much, he chose to stay in his home until he required a higher level of care than his wife Kay was able to provide for him. Memory care is something that he has been receiving there ever since he moved in there two and a half months ago.

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