Dennis Spagarino Obituary, Former Chairman Of NSWRL Referees Association Has Passed Away – Death

Dennis Spagarino Death

Dennis Spagarino Death, Obituary – There was a lot of mourning today in response to the sad news that our esteemed Life Member and former Chairman Dennis Spagarino had passed away. Today’s events were held in his honour. He had been a member of our group for a considerable amount of time already. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way when he passes away.

The Western Suburbs gave it an overall score of 689 out of a possible 1,000 points after evaluating it. Dennis worked his way up through the ranks before retiring and taking a position as a referees coach with the New South Wales Rugby League. He eventually became a highly successful first grade referee after working his way up through the ranks. Before retiring and taking this position, Dennis worked his way up through the ranks. There, his exceptional management and communication skills were of value to a large number of today’s current referees, assisting them in their development.

This was due to the fact that he helped train them. This was as a result of the fact that he assisted them in acquiring new abilities. In addition to this, the Western Suburbs Referees Association and the New South Wales Rugby League both bestowed upon Dennis the honour of a Life Membership as a token of their gratitude for his service as a referee. He was the Chairman of the NSWRLRA for a very long time, and during that time he led the organization in a manner that garnered him a great deal of respect from the other members of the organization for which he was responsible.

The members of the NSWRLRA have gotten together in order to send their love, thoughts, and prayers to you and your family while you are going through this difficult time. The passing of Dennis is being keenly felt by a large number of individuals, so the members of the NSWRLRA have gotten together in order to send these things. Throughout this trying time, his wife Karen, along with their daughters Debra and Joanne, will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

We will also continue to keep their family in our thoughts and prayers.
His many close friends and coworkers will grieve the loss of his imposing presence, as well as his sense of humor, guidance, and genuine concern for the health and happiness of others. His sense of humor was one of his most endearing qualities. Everyone will grieve his passing in their own unique ways.

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