Debra Bilbo Obituary, Coroner identifies Platt Springs Road pedestrian – Death

Debra Bilbo Obituary, Coroner identifies Platt Springs Road pedestrian - Death

Debra Bilbo Death, Obituary – The following individual has been clearly recognized by Margaret Fisher, the coroner for Lexington County, as the person who passed away after being struck by a vehicle close to the intersection off of Platt Springs Road: A collision occurred on Highland Drive in the Lexington neighborhood of Lexington County on December 2 around six o’clock in the evening. The neighborhood is located in Lexington County. The county of Lexington is where the neighborhood can be found. Both of the people who were involved were natives of the county of Lexington in Kentucky.

According to Fisher, Ms. Debra Marlene Bilbo, 70, a resident of Lexington, was crossing Platt Springs Road when she was struck by a vehicle that was traveling eastbound on Platt Springs Road. Ms. Bilbo was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Ms. Bilbo did not have the strength to recover from the injuries that she sustained and consequently passed away as a result. As a result of the injuries that she sustained, Ms. Bilbo was unable to muster the strength necessary to recover, and as a consequence, she passed away. After that, Ms. Bilbo was taken to the hospital, but she was unable to recover from her injuries and consequently passed away as a result of her condition as a result of which she had lost her life.

While Ms. Bilbo was a patient at the facility, the attending physicians and other members of the medical staff came to the conclusion that she had passed away there. As a direct consequence of the fact that the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the collision did not make any attempt to elude the authorities in any way after the collision, he did not end up hurting himself as a direct result of the incident. The medical examiner made the conclusion that Bilbo had passed away due to the injuries he had sustained as a result of the collision as soon as they arrived at the scene of the accident.

The conclusion was reached the moment they stepped foot in the building. As soon as they set foot inside the structure, they were able to draw the appropriate conclusion. These wounds were an immediate consequence of the collision that had just taken place in the sentence before this one. Even though some time has passed since the incident took place, the South Carolina Highway Patrol is continuing to look into the factors that led up to it as part of their investigation. This is taking place despite the fact that the investigation has already been underway for some time.

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