David Simon Obituary, Albany New York, David Simon has died – Death

David Simon Obituary, Albany New York, David Simon has died - Death

David Simon Obituary, Death – David Simon was a beloved son, father, husband, coworker, and friend to those in our community, and the news of his demise has crushed everyone. Because of his warm demeanor and upbeat attitude, those who had the privilege of knowing Dave affectionately referred to him as “The Mayor.” He made an impression on everyone he came in contact with. In all honesty, he was one of the most loving, encouraging, and kind persons you could ever hope to meet. His legacy will live on in the countless communities that he has influenced, and he will be sorely missed by all of them.

During this unimaginably difficult time, the Simon family will get financial assistance from this fund so that they can cover their costs. I am appreciative of your continued support. In 2011, when I was watching my kid play in a modified baseball game between Averill Park and Columbia, I couldn’t help but notice how hard this particular umpire was working. Dave and I didn’t meet until after the game, but we became fast friends. I was blown away by his work ethic, his manner on the field, and his enthusiasm for umpiring… After the game, I went over to his car and inquired as to whether or not he would be interested in refereeing collegiate baseball games.

We then switched numbers, and a few of weeks later he gave me a call to inquire about the steps he should take to become an umpire in collegiate athletics. I informed him of a couple umpiring evaluation venues where my college assignor will be present and gave him the locations. The rest, as they say, is history. Dave went on to become one of the top umpires in NCAA Division I, was picked to serve as an umpire in NCAA Division III College World Series, and also officiated a number of NCAA Division I Conference Tournaments. Click HERE to visit David Simon GoFundMe Page.

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