David Nesbitt Obituary, Retired NHS consultant has died – Death

David Nesbitt Obituary, Retired NHS consultant has died - Death

David Nesbitt Death, Obituary – According to the findings of an inquest, a retired NHS consultant died as a result of negligence on an understaffed hospital ward. Dr. David Gordon-Nesbitt, who was 84 years old at the time, died of asphyxiation after an operation to remove bowel construction at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM) in Margate, Kent. A drainage tube had been left blocked after the procedure. It was discovered at a later time that the ward had just three of the five nurses that were supposed to be working there.
There were two nurses from an outside agency and a student nurse caring for Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt, and the student nurse should not have been left unsupervised.

The inquest was informed that the doctor in charge of the unit was not physically present and could only be reached by phone. It was believed that a mistake made on an understaffed ward caused Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt to inhale stomach secretions into his lungs, which ultimately contributed to his death. According to an assistant coroner, Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt did not pass away as a result of a difficult or complicated medical treatment but rather as a result of a failure in the fundamental nursing clinical care that she received. The consultant paediatrician who has since retired is believed to be in “very good health for his age,” according to his family. The East Kent Hospitals Trust apologized to Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt’s family after they acknowledged the results of the coroner’s investigation. According to the coroner’s report, inadequate staffing was a contributing factor in the maltreatment.

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, who is from Ramsgate, stated that her father, Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt, was in remarkably good health for a man of his age. This was a problem that he had been dealing with for a number of years, and it was not one that should have resulted in his death. On the weekend that my father passed away, there were insufficient experienced nursing staff available to work, and a terrible error was made in the care that was provided for him. My grandfather worked for the National Health Service (NHS) for 45 years. It seems unfathomable that he should pass away in such a horrible way. The government is ultimately to blame for the underfunding of the National Health Service (NHS) as well as the elimination of the nursing bursary. There were only three nurses on duty when he passed away, despite the fact that there were 32 patients in the ward.

Two of the nurses worked for an outside agency, and the third nurse was a newly-qualified junior nurse who was given the role of nurse-in-charge. Mr. Gordon-Nesbitt was brought to QEQM on October 21 because he was suffering from a bowel blockage that had recurred multiple times after an operation to remove a tumor from his intestines in the late 1990s. The tumor had been removed during the operation. The customary protocol called for him to remain hospitalized under observation until the problem was rectified. Additionally, he was to have a procedure that is intended to lessen the amount of swelling in the intestine. Oral dyes make the obstruction visible on an x-ray; one of these dyes was administered to the patient in order to lessen the swelling caused by the absorption of water from the intestine.

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