Dave Woodward Obituary, CEO Click Funnels Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Dave Woodward Obituary, CEO Click Funnels Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Dave Woodward Death, Obituary – We are deeply sorry to tell you of the demise of Dave Woodward, who served as CEO of our company. After a courageous fight against cancer lasting eighteen months, he died away today, on December 6th. Dave became a member of our team in the beginning of 2015, not long after ClickFunnels had first gone live. It wasn’t long before he was assisting us at our booth during T&C, and then he was running the affiliate program, and then he was running business development, and then he was the “CRO,” and then he was the CEO.

Along the way, he was fond of saying that ClickFunnels was more than simply a business; rather, in his opinion, it was under the providential stewardship of God. After that, he began working to assist our platform in transforming the lives of our clients. We were able to see the expansion of the company to more than 100,000 active members while he was in charge. Dave played an essential role in the planning process when we were debating whether or not to launch ClickFunnels 2.0 two years ago. He was the company’s largest advocate and contributed to the company’s reorganization so that we could concentrate on developing the new platform.

He was well aware that the introduction of version 2.0 will not only affect our lives, but also hold the potential to affect the entire planet. Without Dave, our company never would have reached the level it is at now. Without Dave’s contribution, the future of our company simply could not have been realized. To this one man, we owe an unending debt of gratitude and appreciation. During his battle with illness, his greatest desire was for others to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ because of what he was going through. We ask that you remember his family in your prayers as they go through this trying time, as they need your support more than ever.

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