Daniel Castro Obituary, Daniel Castro Has Died – Death

Daniel Moreno Castro

Daniel Moreno Castro Death, Obituary – Yesterday afternoon or evening, Daniel Moreno Castro passed away, and it is with a heavy heart that I had to share the news with you. I am sorry that I am the one who needs to be the one to tell you the news. I want to express my deepest condolences for the loss that you have endured. It would mean a lot to me if you could keep my mother and father in your prayers and thoughts. I’d really appreciate it. Please accept my thanks in advance. The last preparations for the funeral are now being undertaken at this time.

I would like to make use of this occasion to express my appreciation in advance for the kind words of condolence that you have shared with me, and I would like to do so by making the most of this possibility. After moving there, they established themselves in Sundown, and it was there that they spent the majority of their time for a good number of years. Over the course of several years, Danny worked in a variety of capacities for three distinct businesses, namely Sundown Oil Service, Key Energy, and Well-Co.

His most recent employer was Well-Co., where he worked for a while. He enjoyed going outside to shoot his rifle, playing card games and Dominos, and being successful at both of these hobbies in his leisure time. Some of his other favorite things to do included playing dominoes and card games. The National Football League was the competition arena for the Dallas Cowboys (NFL). In addition to that, he found that watching the Karate Kid Kobra Kia series and listening to music by the Eagles helped him relax while he was taking some time for himself.

When he was a kid, Rifle Man was the name of his go-to cowboy show on television. The time that he was able to spend with each of his children, grandchildren, and siblings was something that he considered to be of the utmost importance to him. Above all other occasions, he held this one in the highest regard. We have been members of St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Leveland for our entire lives. We consider this building to be our home because it is where we have spent the majority of our time throughout our lives.

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