Dale Cornelius Obituary Ormond Beach, Dale Cornelius has passsed away – Death

Dale Cornelius Obituary Ormond Beach, Dale Cornelius has passsed away - Death

Dale Cornelius Obituary, Death –  The terrible event that has transpired in the lives of the Cornelius family has played a direct role in contributing to the total disarray that has spread throughout their household. My dearly loved nephew Dale Cornelius, who had unexpectedly passed away the day before at the age of 38, was laid to rest yesterday, which was the day that the funeral service took place. In addition to being a wonderful friend, he was also an incredible nephew, and he represented the very embodiment of a second son to me. He passed away recently. Even though he passed away not long ago, I will always hold fond memories of him. He was a wonderful person who fit in perfectly with the family.

The ups and downs of life were the subject of a wide range of conversations that we had, all of which were thought-provoking and entertaining in their own unique way. We have no idea how we will be able to proceed in this world if he is not here to assist us. Without his help, we do not know what to do. Because of his strikingly good looks, infectious smile, and remarkable character, Dale was able to steal the show wherever he went.

This was made possible by the combination of these three qualities. Dale was able to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack thanks to the remarkable qualities that he possessed. Dale and Doreen Cornelius, his parents, have stated that the news does not bring them any comfort in any way. They are unable to take any solace or satisfaction from it in any way. This extraordinary young man leaves behind two young daughters who, along with the rest of their family, are going through a difficult time as a result of their father’s passing.

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