Colin Ross Obituary, Colin Ross Has Sadly Died – Death

Colin Ross Obituary

Colin Ross Death, Obituary – Because of the unanticipated passing of Colin Ross, the community has lost a member who was well-respected for their generosity and eagerness to assist those in need. This person was recognized for their willingness to put the needs of others before their own. This individual was a part of the community that they lived in. He was helpful to a great number of organizations and charities over the course of a number of years by donating bottles of Ben Nevis whiskey to be used in the fundraising activities that were being held by each of these entities.

These activities included auctions, raffles, and other similar events. Auctions, raffles, and other competitions of a comparable nature were among these activities. Among these activities were things like auctions, raffles, and several other competitions of a comparable type. Colin, a well-liked family man who had been married to Rosie for the previous 51 years and who had children Aaron and Siobhan in addition to grandchildren and great-grandchildren, made it a point to ensure that he always had time to spend with his family, regardless of how busy he was working at Ben Nevis Distillery. Rosie and Colin had children Aaron and Siobhan in addition to grandchildren and great-grandchildren. At the time when this statement was written, he had already been married to Rosie for a total of 51 years.

Colin’s whole professional life, which encompassed his entire adult life, was spent working in the whiskey industry. He began off working for Chivas in Keith, but soon made the move to Tormore, which is where he has been worked for the rest of his working life. He has been employed there since he was a teenager. His father operated a transportation company in Fochabers, which was the family’s hometown and the place where they had first settled. Fochabers was in Scotland. He uprooted his life and moved to the city when he was a young guy. He has lived there ever since. It was there that he began his ascent to the position of master mixer, which ultimately led to his becoming a master mixologist.

Between the years 1983 and 1987, he was employed at that location and received payment from Ben Nevis. His tenure at the company lasted for a period of three years in total. After that, he started looking for work and eventually landed a job at Laphroaig, where he remained for the last three years of that role’s duration. After that, he began his search for a new job. The following year, in 1989, he relocated back to Fort William, and nearly as soon as he got there, he began leaving a more major mark on the distillery than he had done previously. It is stated that he was the one who thought of naming the distillery after his grandfather and that the concept originated with him.


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