Colin Cole Comedian Obituary, Colin Cole has passed away – Death

Colin Cole Comedian Obituary, Colin Cole has died - Death

Colin Cole Obituary, Death – It has been claimed that Australian comedian Colin Cole, who stood 6 feet 7 inches tall and was a common sight on the stand-up circuit in the United Kingdom, has passed away at the age of 66. The story was first shared on Facebook by a someone named ‘Dools’ Doolieman, who works as a concert promoter in Western Australia. He said, “Col was not only a terrific act but hysterical company in the car on tour.” I shall miss you very much, huge guy, because I felt as though you were my own brother.

He also admitted that Cole, who was particularly prominent on the Jongleurs circuit in the 1990s, ‘wasn’t always the most PC comedian on the globe.’ This was something that he accepted. Even though Cole wasn’t the most creative stand-up comedian, he was nonetheless in high demand due to his ability to tell jokes and command an audience, regardless of how raucous they were. Andre Vincent was one of the people who paid respect to him today on social media, where he stated that the news was “gutting.” He described Cole as a man who had a large physique but an even larger heart. Laughter will once again be heard after the passing of Big Col.

“Sad news regarding Colin Cole,” Joe Wells continued, “he was always really polite to me backstage.” Even though we came from quite different backgrounds and he had a great deal more experience working in nightclubs than I had, he never once regarded me as less than an equal. Cole was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1956. At the time of his passing, he resided in South East London.

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