Clarence Dodson Obituary, Riverside Police Department Mourns Clarence Dodson

Clarence Dodson Obituary, Riverside Police Department Mourns Clarence Dodson

Clarence Dodson Obituary, Death – Clarence passed away yesterday at 4:45 p.m. with his family and friends surrounding him. It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with you. Since his honorable retirement from the Riverside Police Department the previous year, Clarence Dodson had been engaged in a fight against cancer. Clarence passed away around four o’clock yesterday afternoon. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Dodson family as well as all of their loved ones at this time. The Dodson family has been a pillar in the Riverside community for many years.

We will miss Clarence, his generous heart, his loving attitude, and his huge grin more than anyone will ever know, especially because he was such a good person. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Riverside Community Hospital for the excellent medical attention that they gave to Clarence as well as the hospitality that they extended to the Dodson and Riverside Police families the other day.

Officer Clarence Dodson has been a member of the Riverside Police Department for almost 20 years, and today was the last day of his career as a police officer. During that time, he has dedicated his life to serving and protecting the residents of Riverside. Clarence is one of the three men from Dodson who have been ensuring the safety of our city for for twenty years now. His brother Brian is still serving as one of our lieutenants, while his brother Dennis has only just recently retired from the military. Excellent males.

Since Clarence has been fighting cancer for a considerable amount of time, we thought it would be fitting to offer him a one-of-a-kind send-off into retirement from the RPD in the form of a surprise drive-by parade at his house. Clarence was able to receive his retirement badge, the engraved “Safe In His Arms” statue, and the Kincaid Medal of Service from Chief Gonzalez before his retirement. In addition, we were in a position to provide Clarence and his family with the much-needed love, support, and encouragement they required in order to keep going through Clarence’s battle with cancer. But if you know Clarence, you already know that he is a fighter and that he is determined to win! And know that your RPD family and the community of Riverside will be there with you as well.

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