Christopher Lamb Obituary, OKC aircraft crash victims identified – Death

Christopher Lamb Obituary, OKC aircraft crash victims identified - Death

Christopher Lamb, David Lam, Gage Prough and  Death, Obituary – According to the authorities, three people were killed when a light aircraft went down in a crash that took place on Monday evening at the Clarence E. Page-Cimarron municipal airport close to Yukon. The airport is located in close proximity to Yukon. On Monday evening, about 9:20 o’clock, personnel from the Oklahoma City Fire Department were dispatched to the scene of an accident that had taken place close to the intersection of NW 23 and Cimarron Road. When the fire crews came, they found that not only was the grass around the airplane on fire, but also a Beechcraft Bonanza F33A airplane that was manufactured in 1971.

Officials claim that after they extinguished the blaze, they found the bodies of three male victims: Christopher Lamb, the owner and pilot of the plane, who was 53 years old and from Perry; David Lamb, who was 78 years old and from Yukon; and Gage Prough, who was 28 years old and from Stillwater. The three people who were killed were all brothers. As of Monday night, officials with the Oklahoma City Fire Department claimed that firefighters were continuing a search of the surrounding areas utilizing drones equipped with infrared technology in an effort to locate further victims. However, until of Tuesday afternoon, the authorities had not found any other bodies in the building.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as stated by the officials, both came to the scene and are currently in charge of conducting the investigation. There were a number of agencies that came to assist at the scene of the accident, including the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Oklahoma City Police Department, and the Emergency Medical Services Authority of Oklahoma City. The evidence indicates the necessity of making development in a consistent manner: Inquire with the captain of the ship.

As the preliminary stages of the investigation have only started, the original cause of the accident is still unknown at this time. In a report that was submitted early on Tuesday morning, officials with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol mentioned that the weather was “dark” but “clear” around the time of the accident. This information was included in the report. The information that is provided on its website indicates that the Clarence E. Page airport covers an area that is one thousand acres in size and is located in the far west of Oklahoma City. The local authorities claim that the airport is actually located within the city limits of Oklahoma City and is therefore subject to that city’s jurisdiction, despite the fact that it has an address in Yukon. “nearly 100 aircraft, including medium size business jets, single engine trainers, ultralights, and experimental aircraft, call the airport home,” it says on the website of the airport.

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