Christopher Jenson Obituary, Christopher Jenson has died – Death

Christopher Jenson Obituary, Christopher Jenson has died - Death

Christopher Jenson Obituary, Death – When they were just teenagers, Katelynn and Chris found one other and fell completely in love. Their love saw them through a stunning wedding on the hilltop of a nearby winery, Katelynn’s education to become a nurse, and the delivery of all three of their children. Katelynn, who had a demanding schedule as a nurse, looked forward to spending Sundays with her husband and children, even though they occurred every other week. She adjusted her work schedule to better accommodate and make the most of the time she had available, so that either parent could be at home with the children. Another amazing person was taken from this earth yesterday.

The death of my brother Christopher Jenson came about pretty unexpectedly. If you were no longer a part of my life, it would never be the same. I have included a link to a GoFundMe page below in order to assist his wife, Katelynn, and his three children in paying their respects to their Father and Husband. Jennifer, the older sister of Katelynn, brought her soap box derby vehicle to show off in the foyer of our middle school while she was in the sixth grade.

We felt that was the most awesome thing that could possibly exist, and it beckoned to the adventurist in me to get to know this awesome girl and become her best friend. In later years, I was bereft of a younger sibling (of a comparable age as Katelynn), and as a result, I cherished and took great joy in commemorating the milestones of her life. Her father mentioned in his speech at the wedding on the winery hill that both Katelynn and her older sister had been active participants in soap box derby racing when they were little.

He went on to say that Katelynn had located a small bird nest and placed it inside her derby car before a competition. Her dad said that she was so preoccupied and concerned about this little nest that she let it distract her from the race, and as a result, she came in last place. He described how she prioritizes the things that are most significant to her and how this approach will serve her well in the years to come. He is familiar with his daughter in the way that all parents are. Her work ethic and her determination are both evidence of the laser-like focus she established when she was a child. Click HERE For GoFundMe

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