Christopher Holmes Obituary, Bellmore NY, has died – Death

Christopher Holmes Obituary, Bellmore NY, has died - Death

Christopher Holmes Obituary, Death – 

Christopher Holmes has been named. Penacook, NH – Chris Holmes lost his valiant battle with cancer on the 31st of October, 2022, and passed on the following day. The 21st of November found Robert Holmes and Darlene Garnett welcoming their son Chris into the world in Concord, New Hampshire. After receiving his diploma from Pembroke Academy in 1990, Chris immediately went on to launch a successful career as a truck driver. In 1998, he tied the knot with the woman he had loved his entire life, Lisa Holmes. Chris was a truck driver for M.S. Carriers, Alliance Imaging (where he carried MRI trailers), and most recently for Irving Oil. He enjoyed his job as a truck driver very much. Chris has been driving safely and expertly for many years, which has earned him a number of medals for excellence. While working as a transport driver for Irving Oil, he competed in the National Truck Driving Championships in Orlando, Florida, and took first place in the Concord Truck Rodeo. After that, he went on to win the National Truck Driving Championships.

Chris was an ardent hunter, gun collector, and ice fisherman. He felt most at ease when he was out in the woods hunting for a scrape or a place to set up his tree stand. Chris also enjoyed ice fishing. He was successful in taking a number of trophy bucks, including a bull moose, which he considers to be one of his most satisfying hunting exploits.

Chris was a kind and very hard-working man who never failed to provide for his family. He was also highly family-oriented. He enjoyed lightening the mood with a joke whenever a serious situation arose, and despite the fact that he enjoyed teasing anyone in his circle of friends or family, it only served to increase their affection for him. Chris was able to strike up a discussion with virtually anyone, and he did it frequently; as a result, he developed a large number of wonderful friendships.

Chris’s spirit will be carried on by his son, Tyler; his stepchildren, Corey and Lace; his father and step-mother, Robert and Kelly Holmes; his mother, Darlene Garnett; his four brothers, Carl, David, John, and Robbie Holmes; his grandchildren, Caleb, Gregory, and Teagan, whom he adored; and all of Chris’s friends and family who had the honor of having such a wonderful man in their lives. Chris passed away on April 1, 2018.

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